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First International Workshop on Advanced Patterning Solutions (IWAPS) held on October 12-13, 2017 was a great success with a record number of 21 speakers and over 200 attendees from around the world. This workshop was held under the auspices of the Integrated Circuit Industry Technology Innovation Alliance in China (ICTIA), undertaken by Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Science (IMECAS) and sponsored by SMIC, YMTC, Huahong Group, Mentor, ASML, KLA Tencor, Nata, SMEE, Synopsys, Toppan, JSR, DJEL and KINGSEMI.

At the beginning of the workshop, Jianlin Cao (president of IWAPS, chairman of ICTIA, former vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology) , Junru Ma (the former director of the Bureau of the State Administration of Foreign Experts) and Gang Qiu (deputy inspector of Key Special Affairs Office of Ministry of Science and Technology, vice director of 02 Special Implementation Management Office) made the opening speech for the workshop successively. Tianchun Ye, vice president of IWAPS and director of IMECAS, made an analysis report about current industry trends.

Secretary general of IWAPS Yayi Wei who is also the director of Computational Lithography R&D Center in IMECAS presided over the opening ceremony. Professors, fellows, managers and engineers from intel, IBM, Qualcomm, AMD, ASML, SMIC and so on were invited to make reports about computational lithography technology toward 7nm and below, SMO, DTCO, EUV, DSA, Design rules, Advanced Lithography Material, lithography equipment, etc.

The Workshop provides an environment where leading researchers and engineers from various disciplines in patterning can share their thoughts and ideas. The speakers at the Workshop are selected by invitation only and represent a broad range of disciplines and covering a wide array of different lithography approaches and requirements. Presentations are arranged to be comprehensive, covering the current practice, the future trend and the challenges ahead. The Workshop format is to provide an atmosphere for in-depth discussions among the attendees. This workshop also provides an opportunity for researchers and engineers who want to know more about the semiconductor R&D and business opportunity in China.

The 2nd International Workshop on Advanced Patterning Solutions (IWAPS) came to a successful close on October 19th, 2018. The two-day workshop was held under the auspices of Integrated Circuit Industry Technology Innovation Alliance in China (ICTIA), organized by Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Science (IMECAS) and Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group Co., Ltd, co-organized by Chinese Optical Society. Sponsors of the workshop included SMIC, YMTC, Huahong Group, Mentor, ASML, Photronics, KLA-Tencor, Nata, SMEE, Synopsys, Toppan, CYMER, JSR, DJEL, TEL, DOW, and ZEISS. More than 300 guests attended the workshop, all of whom came from distinguished enterprises and research institutions based in China, the U.S., Germany, Japan, etc. In accordance with the arrangement, the specially-invited guests made their reports on the proposed themes. After the workshop, a group photo of the participants was taken for commemoration.

To get the reports of IWAPS 2018, please click here "IWAPS 2018 Report Download".

IWAPS-2019 Program

Group Photo could be download here -- IWAPS2019GroupPhoto.jpg.

Cite: Author Name, "Presentation Title," the 3rd International Workshop on Advanced Patterning Solutions (IWAPS2019), Nanjing China, 17-18, Oct, 2019.

No Author Presentation Title Download
Day1-AM-1 Patrick Naulleau (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) EUV Lithography: Current Status and Remaining Challenges
Day1-AM-2 Jeongdong Choe (TechInsights) Technology Views on 3D NAND Flash: Current and Future IWAPS2019-1-A2-JeongdongChoe.pdf
Day1-AM-3 Jo Finders (ASML) EUV lithography: update on scanner and infrastructure progress
Day1-AM-4 Hiromitsu Maejima (TEL) Coater/Developer System Latest Technology IWAPS2019-1-A4_HiromitsuMaejima.pdf
Day1-AM-5 Keita Sakai (Canon) Latest status of nanoimprint system for semiconductor device manufacturing
Day1-PM-1 Ilhami Torunoglu, Liang Cao (Mentor) ML Platform and applications IWAPS2019-1-P1_IlhamiTorunoglu.pdf
Day1-PM-2 Chris Spence (ASML Brion) OPC Model Accuracy and Roadmap IWAPS2019-1-P2_ChrisSpence.pdf
Day1-PM-3 Xiangyu Zhou (Synopsys) Resolving mask correction challenges on implant layers
——Topography-aware rigorous flow deployment in advanced device manufacturing
Day1-PM-4 Zhiyang Song (YMTC) OPC Modeling with Image Processing on 3D NAND Via Layer
Day1-PM-5 Bin Zhao (HLMC) Development & mass production management of sub-20nm half pitch with ArF immersion and SADP process
Day1-PM-6 Wei Yuan (Shanghai IC R&D Center) Machine Learning SRAF improves OPC Performance at 1X node and below IWAPS2019-1-P6_WeiYuan.pdf
Day2A-AM-1 Henry Kamberian (Photronics) Mask Pattern Fidelity Considerations in EUV Mask Technology
Day2A-AM-2 Rolf Seltmann (Zeiss) Improving Chip Performance by Photomask Tuning: Ultimate Mask CD control as a major part of an overall excursion prevention strategy
Day2A-AM-3 Tommy Oga (Gigaphoton) Next generation ArF lightsource “GT65A” for cutting-edge immersion lithography providing both improvement on availability and performance IWAPS2019-2A-A3_TommyOga.pdf
Day2A-AM-4 Will Conley (Cymer) Multi-focal imaging for improved depth of focus: principles and application to ArF Immersion Lithography
Day2A-AM-5 Qiang Wu (Shanghai IC R&D Center) The Photolithography Process Design for 5 nm Logic Process Flow IWAPS2019-2A-A5_QiangWu.pdf
Day2A-AM-6 Lisong Dong (IMECAS) Source optimization and mask defect compensation by EUV lithography simulation
Day2A-PM-1 Yanxiang Liu (Hisilicon) Patterning challenges and DTCO for the fast product ramp-up at 14/12nm technology node
Day2A-PM-2 Wenzhan Zhou (HLMC ) DFM: “Design for Manufacturing” or “Design Friendly Manufacturing”
Day2A-PM-3 Liang Cao (Mentor) Machine Learning Platform in DTCO
Day2A-PM-4 Liang Zhu (Synopsys) A Study of 2D Assist Feature Placement
Day2A-PM-5 Yushu Yang (Shanghai IC R&D Center) Key Process Approach Recommendation for 5 nm Logic Process Flow with EUV Photolithography
Day2A-PM-6 Yu Ding (Shanghai IC R&D Center) The Device Design for 5 nm Logic Process Flow
Day2B-AM-1 Kevin Huang (KLA) Future patterning challenges: It’s not 2D, it’s 3D IWAPS2019-2B-A1_KevinHuang.pdf
Day2B-AM-2 Abhishek Vikram (Anchor Semiconductor) More Efficient Patterning Defect Inspection and Metrology - Advancing the Current Capability
Day2B-AM-3 Andrew Zhang (YMTC) Metrology challenges in 3D NAND flash technical development and manufacturing
Day2B-AM-4 Xiaoye Ding (YMTC) White light Interference Solution for High Performance 3D NAND VIA Dishing Metrology
Day2B-AM-5 Takanori Kawakami (JSR) Advanced Lithography Material Status toward 5nm Node and beyond
Day2B-AM-6 Dimitrios Kazazis (Paul Scherrer Institute) Extreme ultraviolet interference lithography for high-resolution patterning and resist testing
Day2B-AM-7 Vincent Chen (Pibond) Enabling silicon-based materials for advanced and novel semiconductor manufacturing processes
Day2B-AM-8 Huayong Hu (Jiangsu Hantop) Photoresist Product Development at Jiangsu Hantop Photomaterial Company IWAPS2019-2B-A8_HuayongHu.pdf
Day2B-PM-1 Shengxiang Ji (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS) Directed Self-assembly of High-X Block Copolymers on Chemical Patterns for Sub-10 nm Patterning
Day2B-PM-2 Deqiang Wang (Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS) Fabrication 2D/3D nanopore with Helium Ion Microscope for DNA sequencing
Day2B-PM-3 Hai Deng (Fudan University) Development of High Resolution Advanced Lithographic Patterning Materials
Day2B-PM-4 Huigao Duan (Hunan University) Sketch and Peel Lithography for Multiscale Patterning
Day2B-PM-5 Yanqing Wu (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute) EUV lithography resist testing and nano-periodic structure fabrication based on SSRF-XIL station: application and prospects IWAPS2019-2B-P5_YanqingWu.pdf
Day2B-PM-6 Xiaolong Wang (Paul Scherrer Institute) Second order diffraction EUV interference lithography for the study of high-resolution EUV resists IWAPS2019-2B-P6_XiaolongWang.pdf
Day2B-PM-7 Meng Su (Institute of Chemistry, CAS) Self-assembling of Nanomaterials via Droplet Manipulation for Multi-dimensional Micro/nanostructures


IWAPS-2020 Program

The full-length papers have been published in IEEE Xplore:  https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome/9286788/proceeding

You can download the Program Agenda of IWAPS-2020 here: IWAPS2020ProgramAgenda.pdf

Group Photo could be downloaded here -- IWAPS2020GroupPhoto.zip

Cite: Author name(s), "Presentation title," the 4th International Workshop on Advanced Patterning Solutions (IWAPS-2020), Chengdu China, 5-6 Nov, 2020.

The public presentation files could be download here: IWAPS2020_PublicPresentations_download  


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