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Group Photo could be download here -- IWAPS2019GroupPhoto.jpg.

Cite: Author Name, "Presentation Title," the 3rd International Workshop on Advanced Patterning Solutions (IWAPS2019), Nanjing China, 17-18, Oct, 2019. 

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Day1-AM-1 Patrick Naulleau (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) EUV Lithography: Current Status and Remaining Challenges
Day1-AM-2 Jeongdong Choe (TechInsights) Technology Views on 3D NAND Flash: Current and Future IWAPS2019-1-A2-JeongdongChoe.pdf
Day1-AM-3 Jo Finders (ASML) EUV lithography: update on scanner and infrastructure progress
Day1-AM-4 Hiromitsu Maejima (TEL) Coater/Developer System Latest Technology IWAPS2019-1-A4_HiromitsuMaejima.pdf
Day1-AM-5 Keita Sakai (Canon) Latest status of nanoimprint system for semiconductor device manufacturing
Day1-PM-1 Ilhami Torunoglu, Liang Cao (Mentor) ML Platform and applications IWAPS2019-1-P1_IlhamiTorunoglu.pdf
Day1-PM-2 Chris Spence (ASML Brion) OPC Model Accuracy and Roadmap IWAPS2019-1-P2_ChrisSpence.pdf
Day1-PM-3 Xiangyu Zhou (Synopsys) Resolving mask correction challenges on implant layers
——Topography-aware rigorous flow deployment in advanced device manufacturing
Day1-PM-4 Zhiyang Song (YMTC) OPC Modeling with Image Processing on 3D NAND Via Layer
Day1-PM-5 Bin Zhao (HLMC) Development & mass production management of sub-20nm half pitch with ArF immersion and SADP process
Day1-PM-6 Wei Yuan (Shanghai IC R&D Center) Machine Learning SRAF improves OPC Performance at 1X node and below IWAPS2019-1-P6_WeiYuan.pdf
Day2A-AM-1 Henry Kamberian (Photronics) Mask Pattern Fidelity Considerations in EUV Mask Technology
Day2A-AM-2 Rolf Seltmann (Zeiss) Improving Chip Performance by Photomask Tuning: Ultimate Mask CD control as a major part of an overall excursion prevention strategy
Day2A-AM-3 Tommy Oga (Gigaphoton) Next generation ArF lightsource “GT65A” for cutting-edge immersion lithography providing both improvement on availability and performance IWAPS2019-2A-A3_TommyOga.pdf
Day2A-AM-4 Will Conley (Cymer) Multi-focal imaging for improved depth of focus: principles and application to ArF Immersion Lithography
Day2A-AM-5 Qiang Wu (Shanghai IC R&D Center) The Photolithography Process Design for 5 nm Logic Process Flow IWAPS2019-2A-A5_QiangWu.pdf
Day2A-AM-6 Lisong Dong (IMECAS) Source optimization and mask defect compensation by EUV lithography simulation
Day2A-PM-1 Yanxiang Liu (Hisilicon) Patterning challenges and DTCO for the fast product ramp-up at 14/12nm technology node
Day2A-PM-2 Wenzhan Zhou (HLMC ) DFM: “Design for Manufacturing” or “Design Friendly Manufacturing”
Day2A-PM-3 Liang Cao (Mentor) Machine Learning Platform in DTCO
Day2A-PM-4 Liang Zhu (Synopsys) A Study of 2D Assist Feature Placement
Day2A-PM-5 Yushu Yang (Shanghai IC R&D Center) Key Process Approach Recommendation for 5 nm Logic Process Flow with EUV Photolithography
Day2A-PM-6 Yu Ding (Shanghai IC R&D Center) The Device Design for 5 nm Logic Process Flow
Day2B-AM-1 Kevin Huang (KLA) Future patterning challenges: It’s not 2D, it’s 3D IWAPS2019-2B-A1_KevinHuang.pdf
Day2B-AM-2 Abhishek Vikram (Anchor Semiconductor) More Efficient Patterning Defect Inspection and Metrology - Advancing the Current Capability
Day2B-AM-3 Andrew Zhang (YMTC) Metrology challenges in 3D NAND flash technical development and manufacturing
Day2B-AM-4 Xiaoye Ding (YMTC) White light Interference Solution for High Performance 3D NAND VIA Dishing Metrology
Day2B-AM-5 Takanori Kawakami (JSR) Advanced Lithography Material Status toward 5nm Node and beyond
Day2B-AM-6 Dimitrios Kazazis (Paul Scherrer Institute) Extreme ultraviolet interference lithography for high-resolution patterning and resist testing
Day2B-AM-7 Vincent Chen (Pibond) Enabling silicon-based materials for advanced and novel semiconductor manufacturing processes
Day2B-AM-8 Huayong Hu (Jiangsu Hantop) Photoresist Product Development at Jiangsu Hantop Photomaterial Company IWAPS2019-2B-A8_HuayongHu.pdf
Day2B-PM-1 Shengxiang Ji  (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS) Directed Self-assembly of High-X Block Copolymers on Chemical Patterns for Sub-10 nm Patterning
Day2B-PM-2 Deqiang Wang (Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS) Fabrication 2D/3D nanopore with Helium Ion Microscope for DNA sequencing
Day2B-PM-3 Hai Deng (Fudan University) Development of High Resolution Advanced Lithographic Patterning Materials
Day2B-PM-4 Huigao Duan (Hunan University) Sketch and Peel Lithography for Multiscale Patterning
Day2B-PM-5 Yanqing Wu (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute) EUV lithography resist testing and nano-periodic structure fabrication based on SSRF-XIL station: application and prospects IWAPS2019-2B-P5_YanqingWu.pdf
Day2B-PM-6 Xiaolong Wang (Paul Scherrer Institute) Second order diffraction EUV interference lithography for the study of high-resolution EUV resists IWAPS2019-2B-P6_XiaolongWang.pdf
Day2B-PM-7 Meng Su (Institute of Chemistry, CAS) Self-assembling of Nanomaterials via Droplet Manipulation for Multi-dimensional Micro/nanostructures

Please Download the Agenda of IWAPS2019 Here IWAPS2019Agenda.pdf

* Agenda is subject to change


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